32 Degrees Clothing Reviews


32 degrees clothing reviews

In a world where comfort and style often seem to be at odds, 32 Degrees aims to bridge the gap by offering affordable, comfortable clothing suitable for a variety of climates. Known for their innovative fabric technologies, 32 Degrees has garnered a loyal customer base. But how do their products really stack up?

Let’s dive into an in-depth review of 32 Degrees clothing, examining customer feedback, product quality, and overall value.

Product Range

32 Degrees offers a wide array of clothing items, including:

Activewear: Leggings, shorts, and tops designed for workouts and active lifestyles.

Loungewear: Comfortable and cozy options for relaxing at home.

Outerwear: Lightweight jackets and vests suitable for various weather conditions.

Basics: Everyday essentials like T-shirts, tank tops, and underwear.

Fabric Technology

One of the standout features of 32 Degrees clothing is their use of advanced fabric technologies. Key technologies include:

Cool: Designed to keep you cool and dry, ideal for warm weather or intense activities.

Heat: Provides warmth without the bulk, perfect for layering in colder conditions.

Weatherproof: Offers protection against wind and rain, ensuring comfort in unpredictable weather.

Customer Reviews

To get a comprehensive understanding of 32 Degrees clothing, we analyzed numerous customer reviews from various platforms. Here are some common themes:


Comfort: Many customers praise the comfort of 32 Degrees clothing. The fabrics are soft, breathable, and often feel like a second skin.

Affordability: One of the biggest selling points is the price. Customers often mention that 32 Degrees provides great value for the money.

Versatility: The clothing is versatile, suitable for both casual wear and more active pursuits. This flexibility is a significant plus for many users.

Durability: Despite the affordable price, many customers report that the clothing holds up well over time, even after multiple washes.


Sizing: Some customers have noted inconsistencies in sizing, suggesting that it’s important to check the size charts and possibly order multiple sizes to find the best fit.

Limited Style Options: While the focus is on comfort and functionality, some users wish there were more stylish or trendy options available.

Availability: Certain items or sizes can be out of stock frequently, which can be frustrating for customers trying to complete their wardrobe.

Top Products

Here are some of the top-rated products from 32 Degrees:

Cool Tees: These T-shirts are highly rated for their lightweight, breathable fabric that keeps you cool and comfortable.

Heat Baselayer Leggings: Perfect for colder climates, these leggings provide warmth without bulk, making them ideal for layering.

Weatherproof Jackets: Customers love these for their ability to provide lightweight protection against the elements without sacrificing comfort.

32 Degrees clothing strikes a balance between comfort, functionality, and affordability. While there are some minor drawbacks, such as occasional sizing issues and a desire for more style options, the overall customer satisfaction is high. Whether you’re looking for comfortable loungewear, effective activewear, or reliable basics, 32 Degrees offers products that cater to these needs without breaking the bank.

If you’re on the lookout for clothing that can keep you comfortable in various conditions without compromising on affordability, 32 Degrees is worth considering. With positive reviews highlighting the comfort, versatility, and value, it’s no wonder this brand has become a favorite for many.

Tips for Shopping at 32 Degrees

To make the most out of your shopping experience with 32 Degrees, here are a few tips:

Check Size Charts: Given the feedback about sizing inconsistencies, it’s wise to refer to the size charts provided on the website. Consider ordering two sizes if you’re unsure, especially during sales when returns might be limited.

Sign Up for Newsletters: 32 Degrees often has promotions and discounts. By signing up for their newsletter, you can stay updated on sales and special offers.

Read Product Reviews: Customer reviews can provide insight into how a particular item fits and feels. Pay attention to comments about fit, fabric, and overall satisfaction.

Look for Multi-Packs: For basics like T-shirts and underwear, multi-packs offer better value and ensure you have enough options in your wardrobe.

Utilize Return Policy: Familiarize yourself with their return policy. If an item doesn’t meet your expectations, knowing the return process can save you time and hassle.

Sustainability and Ethical Practices

In today’s market, consumers are increasingly interested in the sustainability and ethical practices of the brands they support. 32 Degrees has been making efforts towards more sustainable practices, including:

Eco-Friendly Fabrics: Some of their products incorporate eco-friendly materials like recycled polyester.

Sustainable Packaging: The brand is also working towards using more sustainable packaging options.

Ethical Manufacturing: While details are limited, 32 Degrees claims to work with factories that adhere to ethical labor practices.

These steps indicate a positive direction towards greater sustainability, although there is room for more transparency and initiatives.

Comparison with Competitors

32 Degrees competes with several other brands in the affordable activewear and basics market, such as Uniqlo, Old Navy, and Hanes. Here’s how it stacks up:

Uniqlo: Known for its high-quality basics and innovative fabrics, Uniqlo offers a broader range of styles but at slightly higher prices.

Old Navy: Offers a wide variety of styles and sizes, often with frequent sales. However, the quality may not always match that of 32 Degrees.

Hanes: Focuses on comfort and affordability but lacks the advanced fabric technologies that 32 Degrees offers.

Overall, 32 Degrees stands out for its specific focus on fabric technology and affordability, making it a strong contender in the market for everyday comfort and functionality.

32 Degrees has carved out a niche for itself by delivering comfortable, functional, and affordable clothing. The positive reviews from customers highlight the brand’s commitment to quality and comfort. While there are areas for improvement, such as expanding style options and ensuring consistent sizing, the overall value provided by 32 Degrees is commendable.

For those seeking reliable basics, versatile activewear, and weather-appropriate outerwear without spending a fortune, 32 Degrees is a brand worth exploring. With continuous efforts towards sustainability and ethical practices, they are not only providing comfort but also working towards a better future for the planet and its people.

Whether you’re gearing up for a workout, lounging at home, or braving the elements, 32 Degrees offers clothing that aims to keep you comfortable and ready for whatever the day brings.